Bodie Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras, NC – #OBX

I took this shot on the last day of our vacation in 2018. Of the lighthouses we’ve visited, Bodie is our favorite because it is less crowded, and the walk out to the pier is relaxed…except for the venomous snakes and mosquitoes. On this night, we bumped into a small group of photographers who were setting up to take shots of the night sky. I’ll definitely try that location when we go back next time.

A shot of Bodie Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras NC×162.jpg

Site revamp

Hello to anyone reading this site. I’m as surprised as you are that you are reading this update, yet here we are.

I’ve been thinking about what I would do with my personal site, and if I would keep my Protean Studio site online. My initial goal for this site was to have a basic landing/info page for anyone googling me for professional reasons, and I kept my personal information elsewhere.

I’ve decided to put them both in one site, and this is the beginning of that. I have backed up some old content, and will be reorganizing and posting some of that here.

I’m leaving tomorrow for vacation, and will likely not get a chance to do any updates for a while. So, until…whenever….